“They are #1 for a reason!”

Bobby S.

After deciding to go with M-Engineering on my McLaren, they have been nothing but helpful and generous in getting my car running the way I wanted it to run. This is my 2nd tuned McLaren, and it runs 10x better than my previous McLaren that was tuned by a different shop.

Night and day difference, with M-Engineering’s tune not only am I seeing faster times but the car runs flawlessly, literally. Great group of guys who are highly skilled and offer great customer service. In the super car scene they are #1 for a reason!

M-Engineering South Florida recently partnered with our friends over at Area51 Motorsports with a well-sorted M-Engineering Stage 2+ McLaren 720s. A 720s Stage 2+ Power Package includes:

M-Tuner Calibration Suite for the M840T
M-Engineering Injector Harness by RaceSpec and 1050x Injector Dynamics Injectors

We used our on-the-fly map switching feature for easy access to switch between different octanes. We set him up with a tune for pump 93, as well as MS109 race gas. Rolling Anti-Lag was also added to this vehicle. 📈Full video on our YouTube channel!

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Tune your car in five minutes with M-Tuner

The M-Tuner suite and dongle make flashing your tune to your vehicle a simple job. Watch the video to see Charles walk through the simple process.

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