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The Team Behind M Engineering


Archbishop of ECU Architecture

Mitch is an engine and transmission calibrator with over 15 years of hands on experience.  He concurrently took on the role as a reverse engineer in 2012.

Mitch has contributed calibrations to multiple high caliber, championship winning teams over a wide variety of racing disciplines, including road racing, drag racing, hill climbs, rally racing, and drifting. As a reverse engineer, Mitch was the lead on a project that was responsible for bringing Porsche aftermarket engine and transmission tuning to the mass market.  Mitch has also consulted with multiple OEM part manufacturers for various products. ​ 

Mitch, a Colorado native, now lives in Southern California with his wife Marlee.    


Cardinal of Calibration

Jon has just under a decade of experience calibrating many different platforms in motorsport, R&D, and high-volume retail settings. Over the years Jon has developed a high level of understanding in European, Japanese, and American OEM engine and transmission control strategies. He has grown to specialize mainly in European engine and Dual-Clutch Transmission calibration.  Jon was responsible for most Porsche engine, Porsche PDK, & Ford calibrations used widely in the aftermarket on popular flashing devices.    ​ 

Jon is versed in aftermarket product efficiency verification, data acquisition, as well as data interpretation and subsequent impact on engine performance.    ​ 

Also a Colorado native, Jon now lives in Southern California...With his cats.


Archbishop of ECU Architecture

Jason grew up in Michigan. Jason is a highly skilled reverse engineer and has written many custom features used throughout the aftermarket in GTR, Subaru, Ford, McLaren, and recently Porsche.  He also has a high level of knowledge pertaining to embedded systems and prototyping.  He dislikes vegetables. Big fan of meat and cheese.  Enjoys long walks on the beach with his triceratops. 


CFO & Operations Manager

Marlee comes from the world of project management.  Her expertise and years of experience as a project coordinator allow for her to keep everything in line and progressing smoothly here at M Engineering.  Her title as M Engineering's CFO and Operations Manager is also befitting of her experience.    

 Originally from Tennessee, Marlee spent most of her time in Texas before moving to Southern California with her husband Mitch.