“They are #1 for a reason!”

Bobby S.

After deciding to go with M-Engineering on my McLaren, they have been nothing but helpful and generous in getting my car running the way I wanted it to run. This is my 2nd tuned McLaren, and it runs 10x better than my previous McLaren that was tuned by a different shop.

Night and day difference, with M-Engineering’s tune not only am I seeing faster times but the car runs flawlessly, literally. Great group of guys who are highly skilled and offer great customer service. In the super car scene they are #1 for a reason!

“M-Engineering was GREAT to work with.”

Matt H. via Google

M-Engineering was GREAT to work with. I bought their tune for my 992 Carrera S which I also did bolt-on's. The tune completely changed the car and the drive, the power feels very similar to my previous 992 Turbo S. Charles was great to work with and very quick responding to emails and gathering details on my setup to get my tune just right. I highly recommend M-Engineering and I can't wait to have these guys tune some of my other cars.

“Great product and excellent customer support”

Great product and excellent customer support. I’ve used them for both a 992 911 Turbo S and McLaren 675LT. The turn around on the tunes themselves and tweaks I requested werehandled quicklyand very professionally. I’ve worked with a lot of shops over years of owning and modifying cars and there are only a handful of places I’d use again, and these guys are up there with the most favorable.

“I highly recommend M-Engineering”

Scott R. via Google

I recently installed a power upgrade to a Porsche 992 Targa. The install was quick and simple. The performance of the car was noticably improved. I highly recommend M-Engineering, their customer service was excellent.

“I couldn’t be happier with the tune”

Jeff via Google

I stopped by today to discuss tune options for my 992 Carrera S today and was warmly greeted by Charles. I had previously spoken with Jerry via email and just had some more detailed questions that a face to face could answer. Not only did Charles take the time to answer all my questions, but he even offered to install the tune for me, on the spot and immediately. After a brief wait in the office with great snacks, and a generous tour of their facility, he went over the equipment I would be receiving and showed my how to use the software and perform data logging.

On the way home I couldn’t be happier with the tune, car ran flawlessly, with a very noticeable change in power and even much improved sound from my sports exhaust!

"Overall excellent service and product"

Customer Video

“Tuning my 992 Carrera S with M Engineering Tune - Insanely Fast!”

"M-Engineering has an incredible tune for the Porsche platform. Come follow along with me while we install and test the stage 2 tune."

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“Wow. It’s a different car.”

Bryan G. via Google

I have a 992T and drove my buddies 991T. His has a tune and I was surprised how much more powerful his car seemed. I was jealous and knew I needed to do something. I contacted M Engineering and purchased their tune. I had the dongle in two days. I downloaded my file around 5 on a Friday and had their tune back within 2 hours. It took me an hour or so to load it on my car (mostly because I’m not very tech savvy), but the actual tune took around 5 minutes. After driving for about 20 minutes to let it settle in I opened it up. Wow. It’s a different car. Love the open valves. Love the quiet start. Love the power. I’m not jealous anymore. Great product and great support.

“It feels like a different car, for the better.”

Javier A. via Google

Today I had my 992 Carrera S tuned by Charles. He explained in detail the performance enhancement the tune will give the car and asked me if there’s anything else I needed out of the tune. I was then showed inside the shop and answered all my questions.The drive home was very enjoyable! The car was way more responsive and faster. It feels like a different car, for the better. I highly recommend M-Engineering for your Porsche tuning.

“M-Engineering support is outstanding”

Patrick M. via Google

Definitely the best tuner I've ever dealt with and honestly the only one I trust 100%. I've dealt with an abundance of tuners over the last decades. Most of them overpromise and underdeliver. Not so M-Engineering. Not only did they provide a significant plus in hp and torque the also kept a factory "drive-ability". The M-Engineering support is outstanding (yes .. even after the purchase). They respond most of the time within hours and provide feature upgrades free-of-charge. Thanks M-Engineering!!

“The best tuners in the US”

M-Engineering and Mitch the owner are probably the best tuners in the US. With most cars there are multiple tuners who are all similar but with the 992 platform it seems as if M-Engineering wanted to go and get the market. I am happy they succeeded. They have data logging, at home flashing, multiple tunes for various octanes... Other tuners should take note: this is how it’s done. Well Done M-Engineering.

“The performance increase was well beyond my expectations”

Pappamoto via Google

The M-Engineering tune for my Porsche 911 (992 Base) is fantastic. I had test driven a 992S, but decided to go with a new 992 Base. The power difference was big, but with this M-Engineering tune, my base 992 feels even better/quicker than the 992S! The process to install the tune is extremely easy. Just plug in the M-Engineering module, get a data read, paste the data into an email you send in to M-Engineering so that they can build a tune for your car. M-Engineering sent the tune files within 30minutes!! Installing the tune file into my Porsche took only 6 minutes. This process is so easy, and the performance increase was well beyond my expectations.

“Porsche should have tuned it like this out of the factory”

Philip P. via Google

Drove down to M Engineering today to get my 992 Turbo S tuned. Charles performed the tune quickly and asked about some other upgrades that I could do that was included with the purchase like opening the valves more which was awesome and unexpected. Drove back with a huge smile. I was on the fence about the car before but this is what I was expecting the car to be like. Porsche should have tuned it like this out of the factory, way less turbo lag now. This was a huge performance upgrade worth every penny. No issues or errors on the 3 hour drive back. Awesome job!

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“How much HP GAIN with just a M-Engineering tune?”

"In this episode we put to the test, the custom tune from M-Engineering on this 2021 Porsche 992 (911)"

"Gains are always expected here at the Jotech Shop, but this is truly impressive for a completely stock car. "

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“I can’t stop smiling…”

Kevin S. via Google

M-engineering’s 718 spyder tune took my spyder to the next level. She is way more snappy and ROWDY than before. Porsche should have made it like this from the start. And Customer service was fast and on point. Very please with my purchase.

“Way to go M-Engineering!!!”

Daniel S. via Google

During a time where outstanding customer satisfaction has become an afterthought...M-Engineering has flipped the script and clearly puts their customer's experience as a top priority to running a successful business. I would normally say its their #1 priority, although its a tough call once you install their product and realize they are just as great at making products as they are treating customers. I was completely blown away when I saw that Chris had received my ECU information, AND sent back the custom map with my specific requests, all within a couple of hours of my initial email. The only thing more impressive than their customer experience is the performance their ECU map produces...its hard to believe how much stronger the car pulls now with nothing more than a stage 1 map. If you're on the fence about remapping your ECU...M-Engineering's package is as simple as it gets, and everything just works the way its supposed to. Way to go M-Engineering!!!

“Super happy with the results.”

Kaylan P. via Google

Ordered a tune for my 992 Carrera and was super happy with the results. The tune came quick and flashing the car was incredibly easy. The car drives and feels way nicer than stock with no error codes or any other issues at all. The support we received from M-Engineering was very fast and I definitely would recommend to anyone looking to get their porsche tuned by the right people!

“The team at M-Engineering is great.”

Adam M via Google

The team at M-Engineering is great. They are always super responsive and provide solutions that work really well. They recently tweaked a tune for me to adjust power to my preferences. They always to above and beyond!

“Unreal power gain and pedal response.”

Andrew D. via Google

Best money you can spend on your Porsche 911 Carrera S (2021). Unreal power gain and pedal response. Puts a smile on my face every time I drive the car. M-Engineering made the process very easy to complete. I recommend this to everyone who appreciates quality and performance.

“Absolutely mind blown”

Davawnte D. via Google

Absolutely mind blown by M-Engineering products and customer service. I've had other tuned cars but this by far is the best experience and performance boost. Going forward, I'll look to M-Engineering for any performance upgrades.