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“They're so good, in fact, that OEMs hire them to prevent cheating in racing team ECUs.”

Shoutout to @thesmokingtire for the love 🙌. He went down to Austin for the NASCAR race and spared some time for @seguratom and his new 992 GT3 Touring with the full @demanmotorsport 4.5L Engine! Tuned by @m_engineering_llc the car makes 591 naturally aspirated horsepower and a whole lot more torque, available at much lower RPM.

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“Porsche should have tuned it like this out of the factory”

Philip P. via Google

Drove down to M Engineering today to get my 992 Turbo S tuned. Charles performed the tune quickly and asked about some other upgrades that I could do that was included with the purchase like opening the valves more which was awesome and unexpected. Drove back with a huge smile. I was on the fence about the car before but this is what I was expecting the car to be like. Porsche should have tuned it like this out of the factory, way less turbo lag now. This was a huge performance upgrade worth every penny. No issues or errors on the 3 hour drive back. Awesome job!


Tune your car in five minutes with M-Tuner

The M-Tuner suite and dongle make flashing your tune to your vehicle a simple job. Watch the video to see Charles walk through the simple process.

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