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McLaren M840T - Stage 2+ Power Package
McLaren M840T - Stage 2+ Power Package
McLaren M840T - Stage 2+ Power Package
McLaren M840T - Stage 2+ Power Package

McLaren M840T - Stage 2+ Power Package

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Stage2+ Power Package by M-Engineering combines the leader in aftermarket injector technology, a motorsport grade quality wiring harness, and wraps it all up together with the M-Tuner Suite and Motorsport Tuning Package.  With this kit you will now be able to run E85 on your stock turbo 720S / SENNA and fully maximize the potential of the stock turbochargers on gasoline based fuels.  

With Stage2+ you can now use E85 from the pump and have the same performance benefits as running MS109, GT260 Plus, and other race fuels.

With live map switching you can switch between pump gas and E85 at the pump with the flick of the cruise control stalk.  

The perks of the aftermarket wiring harness are that you no longer need to cut up and repin your factory engine harness to adapt to the new injectors.  Your OEM harness can be removed and kept intact.  This harness is built exclusively for M-Engineering by Race Spec and is 100% Plug and Play with the OEM main engine harness.  

For further details on Stage2+, including dyno plots, please visit the calibration notes page found here

This package for the McLaren 720S / SENNA includes:

  • M-Tuner Calibration Suite
  • M-Tuner Motorsport Tuning Package
  • Injector Dynamics ID1050x Injectors
  • M-Engineering Injector Harness by Race Spec

Disclaimer: You accept responsibility and risks of any tunes and added features by M Engineering. If you are not the end user of the car, you will be solely responsible for notifying the purchaser and/or customer they also accept the responsibility and risks of these and M Engineering is not liable. M Engineering is also not liable for voided warranties due to installation of our products.