McLaren M840T - Stage 3 Power Package

McLaren M840T - Stage 3 Power Package

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Stage 3 Power Package by M-Engineering adds a set of Pure Turbo PT1200 Turbos into the mix on top of the already potent Stage2+ Power Package.  This Stage 3 kit has proven to make well in excess of 1100WHP the McLaren 720S / 765LT / SENNA on race fuel.  For stock engines we recommend limiting the power output to 1050whp.     

With live map switching you can switch between pump gas and race fuel at the pump with the flick of the cruise control stalk.  

This package for the McLaren 765LT / 750S / 720S / GT / SENNA includes:

Please note this kit does not include downpipes which are highly recommended.  Custom Tuning is also recommended for these packages to unleash their full potential.

NOTE FOR 720S: As the 720S ages with time and miles and the OEM fuel pump collects debris in the filter it may be necessary to replace the pump/filters or upgrade to a twin pump setup.  Brushless Upgrades are heavily recommended over traditional brushed pump upgrades. Please contact us for more information if you have any questions regarding this. 

Disclaimer: You accept responsibility and risks of any tunes and added features by M-Engineering. If you are not the end user of the car, you will be solely responsible for notifying the purchaser and/or customer they also accept the responsibility and risks of these and M-Engineering is not liable. M-Engineering is also not liable for voided warranties due to installation of our products.