M-Tuner Quick Start McLaren

Your M-Engineering ECU calibration is compatible with our powerful tuning software M-Tuner. This software allows you to flash new calibrations to your car, datalog at blazing fast speeds, read and clear faults, enable dyno mode, and activate diagnostic routines for components such as the fuel pump and cooling fans. M-Tuner is the connection between you and your vehicle’s performance, it is an invaluable tool that provides the data necessary to understand the millions of calculations your drivetrain control systems are performing. This data along with the experience of our industry leading calibrators is the reason M-Engineering has proven to provide the most reliable calibrations and nearly every current performance record for the McLaren platform.

Installing M-Tuner

  • First make sure you've downloaded the M-Tuner installer from here.
  • Run the MTunerSetup.msi installer and follow the prompts. If this is the first time you are installing M-Tuner you will be prompted to install the open port drivers for your tuning cable, follow the prompts for this installer as well. If you get a blue “Windows Protected your PC” message, click “More info” and then click “Run anyway”.
  • After the installation is complete, you will have a shortcut for M-Tuner on your desktop as well as your programs menu, run the program by double clicking one of these shortcuts.
  • The first time you run M-Tuner you will be prompted to add a license key, enter your name as you would like it to be displayed and the key provided at the bottom of these instructions then click “add”.
  • If you do not have a license key please reach out to us at info@m-engineering.us and we will supply you with one.  Please make put M-Tuner License Key in the subject and include your name and VIN number in the body of the email.  


  • Once your license key is added and the program window is available, plug your tuning cable into the USB port of your computer. You should see all of the control buttons text change from grey to black, the program is now ready for vehicle communication. Make sure the tuning cable is plugged into the vehicle’s OBD2 port before attempting to run any tuning functions.



  • To datalog first ensure the correct logging profile is selected in the drop-down menu (located bottom left of the program window). If only one logging profile is available it will auto select when M-Tuner is first opened. If additional logging profiles have been provided by an M-Engineering calibrator make sure to save these profile files to “This PC/Documents/M-Tuner/Profiles” and close/re-open M-Tuner.


  • Once the correct logging profile has been chosen, click the “Start Monitoring” button and datalogging will begin. Datalogs will be stored at “This PC/Documents/M-Tuner/Datalogs/your-vin/selected-profile/date-of-logging”, please make sure to e-mail both the “.csv” files as well as “.ldat2” files to info@m-engineering.us when datalog review is required.


For additional M-Tuner directions please visit:

M-Tuner v2 Install & Directions