What is M-Tuner?

Available for all M838T/M840T McLarens and 9X2 Porsches, M-Tuner is an all-in-one flashing suite that will allow end users to OBD flash M-Engineering provided tunes to their ECU, datalog in high speed, enable/disable dyno mode (McLaren), switch back to stock, and clear faults all from the comfort of their garage or racetrack! M-Tuner integrates all of these features along with our lineup of exclusive ECU features for each platform.

Where can I flash my car?

M-Tuner can be flashed in the comfort of your own home, at an M-Engineering Authorized Dealer, or at the M-Engineering offices.

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What's Included?

M-Tuner, an all-in-one flashing suite, and an OBD cable are included. You can flash between different maps, for example a tuned 91, 93, 100 octane files as standard, stage 0 (stock performance file), and Anti-Theft Maps at your leisure. You also have the ability to go back to stock. M-Tuner is yours to keep and licensed specifically to you. Custom remote calibrations are available as an option! You can datalog, send the log to us via email, we make map revisions, then send a modified file back. We can optimize any configuration from a stock car to a 1000+WHP parts packages. 

Requirements: For Porsche 9X2, you do not need to mail in your ECU.

Requirements: For McLaren only, the ECU will need to be removed and mailed to us and we will bench unlock it (bench unlock only needed once) and add our custom feature set. We will overnight the ECU, cable, and M-Tuner Suite back to you. Typical turnaround time is 2 days. Example: You ship the ECU overnight on a Monday, we receive it Tuesday morning, ship it back Tuesday Afternoon overnight, you receive the ECU Wednesday.

  • Live Map Switching

    Live Map Switching

    This feature allows multiple calibrations to be stored on the ECU at one time. Many of you are already familiar with this feature. Utilizing the cruise control stalk, you can quickly and easily switch between maps while the car is running. This is often utilized when changing octane but can be designed for various other situations such as pops and bangs, valet mode, running alternative fuels such as ethanol, etc... We have a wide range of control over map slots so if you have an idea for a feature you would like to let us know! More Info on how Live Map Switching works and directions you can visit here

  • Rolling Anti-Lag 

    Rolling Anti-Lag 

    Roll Racing at the track has gained popularity over the years and this feature comes highly requested. Rolling Anti-Lag works by inhibiting acceleration while simultaneously building boost. This is all done via the cruise control stalk and accelerator pedal. Simply get to the roll speed you wish to accelerate from, engage the cruise control stalk, press the accelerator, let boost build for 1-2 seconds, release the cruise control, and HANG ON! You will now accelerate with full boost. Rolling boost is a psi-based target system and boost during Rolling Anti-Lag can be calibrated independently of target boost.

  • Custom Boost Control with Closed Loop Control

    Custom Boost Control with Closed Loop Control

    This allows for complete control of the boost control system while also retaining torque control safety systems. The boost control system will precisely control torque and allow these high revving engines to make peak power without increasing cylinder pressures and torque to dangerous, rod bending, levels. Particularly beneficial with aftermarket turbos.

  • M-Logger


    A feature in the M-Tuner Suite that allows end users to data log up to 75 parameters at speeds of up to 120Hz. The parameters logged are vital to proper engine health and function. Different parameters can be logged depending on situations based on logging profiles. This is particularly useful when diagnosing a mechanical issue with the car or revising a calibration to optimize it for your parts configuration if it lies outside of our standard off the shelf type recommendations.

  • Clear Faults

    Clear Faults

    A feature in the M-Tuner Suite that allows end users to clear faults in many of the most fault prone modules such as the ECU, PCCU, ESC, SRS.

  • Dyno Mode Enable/Disable

    Dyno Mode Enable/Disable

    A feature in the M-Tuner that allows the end user to put their McLaren in dyno mode for independent power verification or custom dyno tuning. All McLaren models require dyno mode to operate properly on a roller chassis dyno.

  • Auto Start/Stop Disable

    Auto Start/Stop Disable

    This feature disables the engine from turning off when coming to a stop in normal mode. The engine shutting off in a high-performance car is usually more startling than it is helpful and was also a highly requested feature in the cars that support auto start/stop.

  • Left Foot Braking 

    Left Foot Braking 

    This is a nice feature to have for track enthusiasts who like to use both feet while racing. This extends the time you can press the brake pedal before all throttle input is cut off allowing racers to exit corners with more aggression. This does not disable the OEM safety control and will still perform as desired in an emergency situation.

  • Kickdown Disable

    Kickdown Disable

    The kickdown allows for the transmission to automatically downshift if it deems it is necessary in manual mode. Many folks who track their car have their shift points well planned out in advance for every corner and unpredictable shifting can be unsettling. This feature disables the kickdown, however special car needs to be taken not to lug the car in manual modes.

  • Loud Start 

    Loud Start 

    When enabled, and the vehicle is up to operating temperature, the user can start the car with a much more aggressive engine rev. Simply turn on the active panel and set both modes to track before starting the car.

M-Tuner Software

M-Tuner v2 is devised of 10 different parts, see below for detailed information, all will activate a routine or display certain information:

Flash ECU - This button is how you activate the flash routine to change files on your ECU over OBD-II

Console - This is where important flashing information is displayed here during the flash process

Profile - Profile affords multiple different logging profiles which can be customized to cater to specific systems we are focusing on trying to improve. Every M-Tuner will come with a "General" logging profile.

Start Monitoring - This will activate live data as well as datalogging. All displayed is subsequently recorded. Each datalog consists of .csv and .ldat files. When emailing datalogs to M-Engineering for review, please include both the .csv and .ldat files.

Actuators - (McLaren Only) This is where you will find actuators to turn on and off certain functions. For example, turning on and off the fuel pump to pump out fuel, or turning radiator fans on to cool the car down in the pits after a long track session.

Logging Rate and License - Your current logging rate is displayed in this panel. When logging your sample rate is displayed in Hz. The License portion displays who this particular version of M-Tuner is licensed to. The license allows your vehicle to communicate with M-Tuner.

Dyno Mode - (McLaren Only) This panel is where you can enable and disable dyno mode. This is required for the vehicle to run properly on any dyno.

Read/Clear Faults - Here you can read specific faults and clear faults in all modules.

License - Here you can add additional licenses or pick the proper license for the vehicle you are working on. This is particularly useful for shops who have many customers who are running M-Tuner.

Map Notes - With this button you can open your M-Tuner files to view the map notes. This is useful if you forget your map slots for map switching enabled vehicles (McLaren).