Porsche 911 Turbo/Turbo S (.1 & .2) (991 Series) Twin CSF Intercooler Set

Porsche 911 Turbo/Turbo S (.1 & .2) (991 Series) Twin CSF Intercooler Set

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Car Fitment:
2013-2016 Porsche 911 Turbo (S)
2016-2019 Porsche 911 Turbo (S/Exclusive)

  • Fits both 991.1 & 991.2 Turbo/Turbos S vehicles. (2013-2019)
  • 3D Scanned, CAD Designed and 3D-printed prototype; Tested in collaboration with automotive engineering firm RK Autowerks. Providing the absolute best fitting Porsche 991 Turbo intercoolers available in the aftermarket.
  • CFD tested (Computational Fluid Dynamics) cast end tanks with several post machining processes for the absolute best tolerance specifications and maximum airflow distribution throughout the core.
  • All OEM mounting points are retained with the OEM clip-in hardware design. Utilizing factory hardware, for an OEM-level installation. (CSF Exclusive)
  • OEM style “Quick-Connect” machined fittings for precise fitment, lock and seal.
  • Finished with an aerospace grade, nano-particle, heat dispersion coating that dissipates heat ~35% better than uncoated raw aluminum. (~ $500.00 value)
  • “Drop-in fitment”, no modifications or grinding to metal brackets, etc.
  • (Requires slight trimming to the plastic intercooler shrouds – instructions included and available for download at www.CSFrace.com)
  • Individually leak / pressure tested to 120 PSI
  • Individually inspected for quality control
  • Instruction manual included CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  • Specifically cut foam protective packaging to ensure damage free shipment 
  • Manufactured completely in house by CSF; a tier 1 OEM manufacturer with over 50 years of cooling system manufacturing experience. Over 500,000 units sold every year and over 40 million units sold globally.


  • 8mm fin height louvered external fin with 6.5mm fin height staggered internal fin. Designed to maximize surface area contact and heat dissipation. 
  • Wind tunnel optimized and dyno tested for low pressure drop with best performance
  • CSF’s “Ultimate-Boost” High-performance bar / plate core. Built in house and pressure tested to 120 PSI
  • 4.53-inch thick core compared to OEM’s 3.15-inch core (115mm vs 80mm)
  • Increased flow area by 43.75% 
  • Increased surface area by 70% (8.5m^2 vs. 5.0m^2)
  • Built in-house by CSF (Only high-performance company to manufacture their own intercooler cores)

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