Porsche 991.2 GT3 / GT3 RS ECU Tuning

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Base ECU Calibration supporting the following vehicles:

  • 991.2 GT3
  • 991.2 GT3 RS

Options below can be chosen indivdually. There is a discount to the entire tuning suite if purchased together.

  • Live Map Switching
    • Map Switching allows the driver to independtly select power levels based on the octane of the fuel or fuel type by using the cruise control stalk. Map switching can be performed with the vehicle running without the need to shut the engine off.
      • Example Map Slot Setup:
        • Slot1 - Stock Power
        • Slot2 - 93 Octane
        • Slot3 - 100 Octane
        • Slot4 - E85
        • Slot5 - Valet
      • Since Map Switching can be customized depending on the indivdual please contact us when purchasing if you'd like a different setup or would like a custom map slot.