M-Tuner Calibration Suite for McLaren M840T

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The M-Tuner is the first, and only, at-home OBD flashing utility! Developed by M Engineering, M-Tuner integrates all features of the M-Logger and adds them with the ability to flash anytime, anywhere!


Vehicles supported by this version of M-Tuner:


The Following exclusive features are included with the M-Tuner Package for 4.0L McLarens:

  • Live Map Switching
    • This includes stage calibrations for Stage1 & Stage2 vehicle configuration. Remote custom tuning is avialable for different vehicle configurations as well
    • Performance Stage 1 & Stage2 calibrations include the following map slots:
    • Slot 1 - 91 Octane
    • Slot 2 - 93 Octane
    • Slot 3 - 100+ Octane
    • Slot 4 - Valet (Limits boost, load, and throttle)
  • M-Logger
  • Clear Faults
  • Dyno Mode Enable/Disable
  • Auto Start/Stop Disable
  • Left Foot Braking
  • Kickdown Disable
  • Loud Start


Pro Tuning and custom calibrations are also available for those who are looking to optomize their McLaren for parts configurations or fuels not listed in our map notes.