Unobtainium 720S Inlets

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Form & Function!

These brand new Unobtainum Inlets for the McLaren 720S are a great upgrade to provide you with a bump in power as well as the piece of mind that your factory inlet won't fail and block airflow, or worse takeout a turbocharger.

These CNC billet inlets decrease pressure drop, increase compressor effecieny, decrease charge temperatures, and replace the factory unit prone to failure.

The factory 720S inlets have a baffle that is secured by adhesive. As the inlets heat cycle, with the warming and cooling of the engine, the adhesive breaks down. Once the adhesive losses its ability to keep the baffle in place it can come loose and block airflow or damage turbochargers.

The inlets from Unobtainum are proven to add torque and power throughout the entire RPM band and are completmented nicely with a calibration from M-Engineering.